Rich Vreeland ties the name Disasterpeace to the things he releases into the sonic ether. Rich’s recent credits include the Oscar-nominated animated feature Marcel the Shell with Shoes On and the A24-produced film Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Vreeland’s most recent video game work includes the action adventure fantasy Fez, distributed by Microsoft Studios and the action adventure role playing game, Hyperlight Drifter, produced by Heart Machine. Disasterpeace has 50 albums to its credit, in addition to having designed, scored and programmed sound and music related things in a number of mediums including games, film, television and theatre. Vreeland’s music can also be heard in the Netflix film Triple Frontier, starring Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal, and Charlie Hunnam, the critically acclaimed horror mystery, It Follows, directed by David Robert Mitchell, and Under the Silver Lake starring Andrew Garfield and Riley Keough.

Rich currently resides in Los Angeles.