Beach House


Beach House is Victoria Legrand, lead singer and multi-instrumentalist, and Alex Scally, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. They write all of their music together.

Beloved by critics and fans alike, Beach House has released eight studio albums over the course of their 15-plus year career. Their most recent record, Once Twice Melody, saw the band expand their sonic palette by incorporating sweeping live strings — a move to a more cinematic direction.

Along with the “song-based” music the band is known for, they have also created other styles of music for film and visual media. In 2021 and 2022, they scored the Netflix feature Along for the Ride. In 2020, they created music for three of the main rooms for the immersive art exhibition Omega Mart (by Meow Wolf in Las Vegas). As part of that project, they also scored a short film called Marin’s Dreams. In 2013, they scored the short film for fashion house Rodarte called “This Must Be the Only Fantasy.”

Scally and Legrand both have classical training and backgrounds in music theory, allowing collaborations with directors to develop easily and quickly.  Often described as “cinematic,” the musical world of Beach House has always been informed by and rooted in their love of film and film music. Their nuanced and saturated arrangements lend themselves perfectly to picture.