Toko Nagata

Toko Nagata is a music supervisor at Format Entertainment, first joining the company in 2016. She has quickly grown into one of the foremost accredited young supervisors and was named one of the top 10 music supervisors to watch by Variety magazine. At Format, she played a hand in the music departments for A Star is Born, Dolemite Is My Name and Pitch Perfect 3. She has since gone on to supervise projects such as Always Be My Maybe and Finding Ohana among others.

Achieving degrees in both Business and Music Industry studies from USC, Toko’s ambitions and interests have always reflected a coordinated duality. She first started her career working with Christine Bergren Music Consulting, embracing the process of facilitating licensing agreements across film, tv, and advertisements in projects like Sausage Party, Divergent, and Point Break.

Whether she’s advising on set, pairing unearthed artists to picture, or overseeing negotiations and agreements, Toko has ingrained her passion for all facets of the music business in her ability to craft and facilitate compelling sonic narratives.